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Section 1: My Personal Transformation

My Personal Transformation is about my personal experiences as I transformed into a recovery-based psychiatrist.  The most complete piece is the “Rehabilitation Psychiatry” paper.  Even though I’d never heard of recovery when I wrote it, I was well on my way.

What Kind of Psychiatrist Am I? – 1990

Describes the flavor of the very first year of the Village and trying to find a role as a team psychiatrist


Hope and Schizophrenia – 1992 

Like everyone else my personal transformation began with hope 

Partners in Medication Collaboration – 1993

An early article for the CAMI Journal about the shift from medication compliance to collaboration


Rehabilitative Psychiatry – 1996

Fitting in as a psychiatrist working in a psychosocial rehabilitation setting


The Four Walls – 1998

A shorthand view of four walls to break down to become recovery oriented, useful for handouts


Thoughtful Psychopharmacology – 2005

A practical description of things to think about the whole person, instead of just their illness to become an effective person-centered psychiatrist 

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