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Trainings & Consultations

Dr. Mark is available for lectures, trainings, workshops, conferences, and consultations, virtually or in person, each one created individually for you.  


  • Conference keynote speeches, lectures, and workshops

  • Mental health staff trainings and retreats

  • NAMI presentations and Q + A sessions

  • Consumer / client group presentations and workshops

  • Community group (school, church, club, organizations, police, etc.) presentations

  • Leadership and system change trainings, retreats, and workshops.


I do not directly provide CEUs, but I will collaborate with you in obtaining them.


My fees are:

  • $250 per hour virtual (you provide the Zoom or other platform)

  • $250 per hour in person (only locally and need to pay for travel time too)

  • $2000 for full day locally (greater Los Angeles area)

  • $2500 for full day elsewhere in California

  • $3500 for full day out of state (2 day minimum, can be split among more than one group)

  • International trips are negotiated individually

Fees include all preparation time and travel expenses.

The Recovery Movement has existed for more than 30 years at this point and there have been repeated calls from both very high levels of government, like the 2003 President’s New Freedom commission on Mental Health, and from people in the trenches to implement it universally.  Nonetheless, adoption has been very erratic and challenging, which perhaps shouldn’t be surprising for an “outsider” movement, without serious financial or academic backing, that requires so much transformational change to implement.  Seemingly, each person, each program, each system has to work to transform itself.  Using my extensive experience with Recovery implementation efforts as well as my detailed knowledge of Recovery itself, from vision to practice, I can help you figure out what your next steps should be, and how to best move forwards.

You may want to:

  • build exposure and enthusiasm about recovery

  • build believability and motivation

  • build action

  • build technical expertise, or

  • build sustainability

You may want to focus on housing or substance abuse, on staff relationships with clients or peer services, on psychiatric medications or supportive rehabilitation services, on crisis services or staff safety.  The potential list is extensive.  

Here are some samples:

  • What’s really different about recovery? – 3 fundamental transformations

  • Caretaking vs growth-oriented services

  • Creating case management plans based on the client’s maturity level

  • 4 stage approach to substance abuse services

  • Person-centered vs. illness-centered prescribing

  • A motivational interviewing approach to suicide prevention interventions

  • A refugee center perspective of psychiatric hospitalizations

  • Using the Psychosis Triangle to create formulations to understand how psychosis emerges and recovers


If you look over my c.v. that I attached, you’ll see literally hundreds of presentations I’ve done so far. You can also get ideas from the articles on this website, but I always like to create new products.


Check out some of the videos on this website to get an idea of what my lecturing style looks like, but, of course, in person interactive workshops are better.  References available on request.

Contact me at and we’ll set up a meeting to discuss how we can work together. 

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