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Section 4:  Building and Improving a Recovery Based Program is a description of how we put together

Building and Improving a Recovery Based Program is a description of how we put together the Village based on our principles and some of redesign challenges we’ve faced as its evolved.  If you’re feeling lost without knowing what the Village is, turn to “An Overview of the Village.”  I put it back here instead of up front because my main goal in this book is to let you explore recovery and figure out how to apply it to your life, not to give you instructions of how to “cookie-cutter” replicate the Village.

Section 4:  Building and Improving a Recovery Based Program

An Overview of the Village (1990-2008)

A lengthy overview of the history, structure, design, values, and funding of the Village

20 Lessons of the Village - 1991

A short, still fresh list of pragmatic lessons learned in our first year

Introduction to Full Service Partnerships – 2010

A lengthy chapter that was never used describing in detail the history, development, and principle based practice of Full Service Partnerships, California’s version of ACT funded by the Mental Health Services Act

Wellness Center Ideas - 2004

An early description of some of the basic principles underlying our Wellness Center a rapidly growing and evolving level of service for self responsible people  

Transforming MH Clinical Practices to Implement Recovery – Video Interview Lessons - 2004

Dan Fisher spent a day at the Village talking to our members on tape and these personal themes emerged.

Creating a Welcoming Center (with Shannon Legere) – 2005

A lengthy “nuts and bolts” description of how our Homeless Assistance Program functioned as a welcoming entry to the Village

Village Welcoming Team – 2009

A one page welcome for new members of the Village describing our program’s values

Welcoming Team Guiding Principles and Practice – 2014

A definition of our welcoming team’s signature gift, beliefs and principle driven practices from a retreat we did together

Integrating Services is What We Do Best (with Paul Barry) – 2009

A description, from a PRA training Paul and I did, describing the practical use of principles, practices, and structures to achieve the integrated services most people need

From ACT to Growth Oriented Full Service Partnership (GO-FSP) – 2015

A strategy for defining the recovery-based evolution of ACT teams to Vaillge practices and FSPs so that it could be evaluated as an evidence based practice

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