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Section 5: Spreading Recovery Based Personal Transformation

Spreading Recovery Based Personal Transformation is about spreading personal transformation.  From the beginning the Village was created as a model program to be used as an advocacy tool to promote widespread system change.  As we’ve worked on this we’ve repeatedly realized that for the system to change, people need to change.  “Up Close and Personal” is one of my favorites because I think it led me deeper into the underlying emotions and personal issues than any other paper.  The “A Guide to Mental Health Transformation on a Personal Level” is another small book that is a comprehensive discussion of the need for everyone to change, not just “someone else.”

What’s Really Different about Recovery? A Personal Commentary about the Transformation Process – 2005

A description of trying to figure out how to motivate staff to learn about and do recovery-based practice

Up Close and Personal: A Plea for Emotional Closeness with Patients - 2004 

A raw and confrontative discussion about why we stay emotionally distant from the people we’re trying to help

12 Aspects of Staff Transformation - 2004

A step by step review of the changes our staff went through to transform into recovery workers, useful as a short handout 

A Guide to Mental Health Transformation on a Personal Level – 2005

A short book describing the personal changes we’ll all have to make including consumers and their families, staff, programs and their leaders, systems their administrators and auditors, and the community

Strategies for Promoting Recovery to Mental Health Professionals - 2009 

A set of 8 strategies for engaging mental health professionals in the recovery transformation process learned while implementing the Mental Health Services Act

Motivation and Moral Development Stages – 2014

A set of motivational strategies based on moral development for program leaders who say, “I can’t get my staff to do anything.”

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